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GA4 Migration and Connected Tags

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Have you completed the GA4 migration from Universal Analytics? Did you use connected site tags?

This will be a short post on my experiences in migrating a few Universal Analytics (UA) accounts to GA4 and in particular thoughts on the Google Analytics 4 Property Setup Assistant and the option of setting up with connected site tags.

Some of the migrated accounts use Google Tag Manager to serve the Universal Analytics tag. On these migrations I followed Google’s recommendation to migrate using connected tags so the GA4 site tag was connected to the existing Universal Analytics tag. What could be easier?

Once the accounts were connected, it was nice to be able to use the migration tool to auto migrate some of the UA settings to GA4 without having to manually configure these in GA4. Once the connected tags started sending data to GA4, I noticed on the more complex UA accounts that some of the results looked drastically different but attributed the difference to the differences in platforms. Or maybe the connected tags were still connecting as it did take about an hour or so for the first data to start flowing. The simple UA accounts seemed to work fine using connected site tags.

After approximately a week of using the connected site tags, the GA4 data still looked quite wonky compared to the existing UA data. So I did test and disconnected the connected tags and installed the GA4 data stream via Google Tag Manager and surprisingly the GA4 data immediately started flowing and the results were much closer to the existing UA stream.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with the connected site tags?

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