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We are excited to announce the launch of, a new Shopify store featuring 100% luxurious mink lashes that are handmade and cruelty free.

At Lashgasms, they value diversity, equity, and inclusion and have built our business on these values.

Lashgasms are accessible to all, no matter who you are.

Beauty is not limited to age, race, sexuality, or body type. Beauty doesn’t require a full face of makeup. Beauty is inclusive, simple, and achievable by anyone; and it starts with feeling comfortable in your own skin.

You are the big event. Whether you’re glamming up for a fancy party, hopping on a zoom call, running to the grocery store, or taking a mental health day each day is an opportunity to be uniquely you. Let Lashgasms be part of your day.

Lash up your life!

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