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Let’s Build a Shopify Store in 2022

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Are you interested in starting a Shopify store? Just do a search and you will find endless tutorials like “build a store in 30 minutes”, or “no business prep is necessary”. Once reading or viewing a few tutorials you might ask, is it really that easy to start selling online?

Shopify is marketed as a super easy solution for setting up an online store with little web or programming experience needed. Follow our progress as we assemble a step-by-step guide to launching a Shopify store including best practices as we build our store.

The initial step in our guide will be setting up a Shopify account and a test store. Let’s set that up now!

To set up an account go to and click on the Start a Free Trial button in the upper right corner and this overlay window will appear. This will set up both your Shopify account and also a test store with a 14-day trial.

Unless you have all your business preparation completed, create a test store before creating a real “”. Since Shopify test stores have a 14-day trial, you will not have access to a test store after 14 days unless you purchase a paid plan which is quite inconvenient if your store is still under development.

With a single Shopify account, you can create many test stores as sandboxes as you go though different options and configurations in setting up your final store. But you can’t delete a test store if you have used a preferred “

With numerous Shopify guides already available, why are we building yet another guide? When we started our first Shopify store for a client, we followed the many guides Shopify and other developers have produced, but still ran into “gotchas” that delayed opening because of general business arrangements that would effect any new business and not just an e-commerce storefront. By addressing some of the basic business necessities (especially for new businesses) before purchasing a paid Shopify plan may save monthly Shopify subscription costs as you develop your storefront.

Our next topic: How to add a custom domain to a Shopify store.

Please contact us if you have comments or questions.

As a reminder, we are not accountants or lawyers, information provided in this guide are our opinions only on best practices in web development in setting up a Shopify store and should not be considered legal advice.